On the campus of the Shanghai Jiaotong University is a library to honor a scholar named Tsung-Dao Lee. Actually, he was much more than a scholar, as you will see. He left China and enrolled at the University of Chicago. In 1950 he received his PhD at 24 years of age. When he was 30 years old, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics. At that time, he was the youngest person to receive a Nobel Prize! Later, he became a professor at Columbia University.

The library is a new building and not all of it is open to the public. One of the really interesting aspects of the library is the way chosen to show the impact Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee had on so many people. When his wife died, he started a scholarship to honor her, and he assisted many people in China and help some come to America to study. The second picture below demonstrates some of the correspondences he had between America and China.



Below, you will find the entrance to the library. The photographs going up the stairs were very interesting as well. Also, I am including a picture of the professor from a display at the university. Truly, he is an accomplished student and professor of Physics!