It is always so impressive to me how easy it is to find art in China. Even the simplest of items can be turned into something beautiful. Recently I was in China and found this item. I am not sure if this would be considered a fruit or a gourd, regardless, it was carved into a small work of art!


It has been my experience that China is full of people possessing a green thumb! My wife’s favorite flower is the tulip, so when I saw this arrangement in an airport shop, I had to take a picture. I like the container also!


Another use of flowers is with outside beautification of many different things, including the sidewalk! Store fronts are another location to commonly find lovely flowers.



The final picture I have for you is of a koi pond. For this particular koi pond, even the way they fill the pond or provide oxygenated water for the fish is decorative.


A couple of times I have seen where the water doesn’t come straight out of one of the heads that are being use to shoot water into the pool of water, so that is funny to see, because it looks like the heads are having a water gun fight.

Remember to keep your eyes open when traveling in China…….you never know what you might see next!