From what I am told, this is downtown Shanghai. I was recently at a friend’s office. This was the view from his office. Actually, he had a small balcony we could go out on for some fresh air and better pictures.


Here is the view in another direction. I think we were about 16 floors high while taking these pictures.


You may have noticed in the lower section of the first picture there was a large church. I don’t know the name of the church, but I will share with you another picture of it. As you can tell, it was quite a large church! I must add that it was a beautiful building and wonderfully maintained. This is probably the largest church I have seen in China.


It was enjoyable visiting the downtown area of Shanghai. I don’t think I had spent much time there during my other trips; it was much better having a local showing us around. We even had pizza delivered, so that made it even more enjoyable!