As promised in the last blog about Global Partners in Life’s first donation trip to China, I will tell you more about my boss, Mr. Peng. I have an enormous amount of respect for Mr. Peng; he worked very hard to move the university forward. He had a vision of establishing sister relationships with other universities around the world and promoting faculty and student exchanges. He worked tirelessly to cast his vision for the university to the leaders above him, and he set a wonderful example of self-leadership by studying abroad.

Mr. Peng also helped me with my apartment. As the Director of Foreign Affairs, not only did he recruit foreign teachers, but he also provided for us on campus. He was able to get my apartment wired for the Internet amazingly fast, and he also got screens put in my windows when others told me it wouldn’t be done. To this day I consider Mr. Peng my friend and I visit him when I am on campus. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, I am proud to say that Mr. Peng’s son is currently enrolled in Athens: Go, Dawgs!

Below, you will see pictures of Mr. Peng and the Vice President of the university giving Global Partners in Life some awards to show their appreciation for our donations. Mr. Peng is in the first picture.



Mr. Peng has enjoyed multiple promotions recently. I am very happy for him. A role he has initiated is teaching leadership to a chosen few students. He has asked me to bring material for them to use. So, in May of this year, I provided the university with some copies of “The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do,” co-authored by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller. Their book has now been translated into Chinese! Mark is a board member for Global Partners in Life; I am very thankful for his years of wisdom and service!