Another prevalent need Global Partners in Life found we could meet and adhere to our goal of providing medical care in China was through developing a dental program at the university where I taught. Some of my students lived in such rural areas that there was no dentist. Based on what they told me, if there had been a dentist in their hometowns, the people in the area wouldn’t have had discretionary funds for dental visits.

Luckily for me there was a lady from the States at the university, and she was a dental professional. We discussed the needs of the students, and agreed we wanted to provide some care for the students, so my friend set out on a mission to find a good dentist that was near the campus. I am very thankful that she came across Dr. Lee. He was a very nice man, and he and his dental clinic successfully passed the inspection of my friend. His wife was a nurse, and she had a clinic behind his office. They were a wonderful couple, and they brought their dog to work daily.

Global Partners in Life made an agreement with Dr. Lee. For only $10 a week, he would let us bring 3 students to his office, and he would clean their teeth and do minor work like a putting a filling in a tooth. What a great price he gave us, and he did it because he too wanted to help!

As you can see in the pictures below, Dr. Lee’s dental clinic probably didn’t look like the dental office you go to, but I am certain he was a fantastic dentist. Over time we became friends, even though we needed a translator to communicate. Whenever I was in town, we enjoyed having lunch together. I am very thankful for all of the people I met in China that were willing to help others! To me, the people of China are very “shan liang” which means kind hearted. The second picture is one of the dentists working with Dr. Lee. The young lady in the picture is one of the students that had her treatments provided for by Global Partners in Life!