As you know from my previous blog, the river cruises at night are very impressive along the Huangpu River in Shanghai.  The boats cruise along the area of Shanghai known as the Bund.  You can see many interesting and contrasting types of architecture along the bund.  There are several older European style building, traditional Chinese, and very modern building to view from the boats.


If you enjoy history, you should check out the history of Shanghai.  If you do, you will understand more about how the European type of architecture came to be in Shanghai.  The first time I saw these buildings, it was a huge surprise to me.  I just didn’t expect to see that style of buildings in China.



Probably the most famous building along the Bund is the Pearl TV Tower.  It is a huge structure with a hotel, restaurants, and shopping in it.  I can only imagine how wonderful the view must be from the top of the Pearl TV Tower.



The ending of the trip was spectacular!  The lights on some of the buildings change, so as we were concluding our cruise, I got a wonderful picture!


As you have probably deduced, this character is for Shanghai, so we got a great view of the building displaying I heart Shanghai!  How appropriate for the evening we had been enjoying!