Last week I shared with you about the scholarship program Global Partners in Life implemented through the university where I taught.  I have always heard that China’s culture places a greater value on males compared to females, and I noticed that a female wasn’t one of the first few recipients of our scholarship.  Oh, and I am happy to report that there is an increasing amount of equality for females in China!  Having said that, I was happy to see the first female recipient of the scholarship Global Partners in Life provided!

Scholarship Recipients1

She was a quiet and humble young lady, but very confident.  She also spoke English exceptionally well, and I am told her grades were phenomenal!  The university was wonderful about hosting another ceremony for this scholarship being awarded, and I would like to introduce you to some of my friends.

Scholarship Recipients2

The Gentleman to my right was my boss, and the gentleman to my left was his assistant.  His name was Mr. Lu, and he was always very helpful and happy.  The young lady at the end on the left is the scholarship recipient, and so is the guy on the right.  He was actually awarded the scholarship twice!  The other three people in the picture are all employees of the university.  The university knows me, so they put my name on the banner instead of Global Partners in Life.

It is always an honor to meet these young and deserving students.  Global Partners in Life has been very thankful to partner with the university to award these scholarships and assist wonderful students like these!  It is a joy to accomplish our goal of providing an education to students in China!