If you read my blogs with any regularity, you will know that I frequently encourage people to keep their eyes open if they are in China, because you never know what you might see.  Well, here are some examples of that from a trip I took in May.

This first picture is from a restaurant that had a structure built around some of their tables.  The theme was to have you feel like you were in a wicker basket.  The food was OK, but I wouldn’t brag about it!


The next picture has always made me chuckle a little to myself.  I completely understand the idea of helping the trees get the water and essentials needed, but I can’t get used to seeing a tree receiving an IV!


Another photo which was somewhat unique to me was the people dancing in the park.  This was taken in, by China’s standards, what would be considered a small city.  I have been to this city many times before, so I knew that on the main central square there will be dancing on Saturday night, but this was a small square during the week.  The people in the red uniforms on the left are on a dance team, and the other people on the right are local citizens coming out to dance.  I am so thankful I have seen so many aspects of this wonderful Chinese culture!


Walking away from the small park, I saw a lovely wall.  Someone with great skills took it upon themselves to paint the wall around their small neighborhood.


Keep your eyes open while in China, because you never know what you might see!