As I describe in my book, Unseen Tears, the greetings I have received when visiting my friends at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, is amazing! The energy level increases to a frenzy, and the children rush to the door to great the people they assume are coming to entertain them. The children will hold their arms up in the air and want to be picked up and held, and some will come to see if you have anything for them in the bags or backpack you are carrying.

I think I have been to seven countries in my life, and at no place in my travels have I been greeted with the same enthusiasm as the children at the special needs orphanage have for guests. Sometimes they will jump up and down, and often there are some screams of anticipation and happiness. Sometimes they are so excited that they will just start hugging each other if they can’t get to their guests!

As you can see in the pictures below, the children will come running to the door with whatever they are doing still in their hands. There is so much joy and excitement, it is hard to explain, but I do know it is always one of the best parts of my trip! It takes so little effort on our part to provide a moment of joy for these children, so that motivates me to want to do more and more for them!