Scooters come in many shapes and sizes in China, and during my last trip to China, a couple of them caught my eye. The first one seemed like it was beefed up and tricked out a little for most scooters. It also looks strong and durable, but I wouldn’t want to ride it without lessons and a helmet!
The next scooter is the same as far as being black, but I don’t think it is quite as substantial as the one pictured above. Again, a helmet would be a must for ridding on the streets of China (or anywhere else for that matter)!
Once during this trip, I saw a scooter with 2 wheels. The wheels were side by side, not one in front of the other, so I wouldn’t think it was road worthy.
I have one more picture to show you related to this subject. This motorcycle with a side car is black like the previous two scooters, and it also has an Oakland Raiders decal on it! Judging from the dents, I am sure the driver and passenger both needed a helmet!

Keep your eyes open, because you never know what you will see in China!