My last few blogs about the work of Global partners in Life have spoken about the orphans around the city where I taught at a university.  I am very thankful for many teaching opportunities in different cities in China, so now I am sharing with you about another city.

As I was telling some new friends, at a school where I was teaching during one of my many teaching opportunities in China, about the orphans we were helping from the fire in the fireworks factory, they told me that they also helped some orphans in town.  In fact, they said that a group goes every Wednesday morning, and I was invited to join them.  I said certainly, and I had no idea of where my simple answer was leading me.

Some of the first things I noticed when we entered the orphanage were the wave of children rushing toward us when we entered the orphanage with their hands in the air wanting us to pick them up.  Also, I noticed that my friends neglected to tell me that this was a special needs orphanage, but that didn’t seem to slow the children down at all.

As I walked around the orphanage holding a child, I was drawn to many sights, sounds, children, and pictures on the wall.  We were in a large room, and one wall was lined with pictures of the most darling children I had ever seen.  I asked about the story behind the pictures, and I was told that the pictures were of some of the children that had been served by the special needs orphanage.


I couldn’t imagine how horrible those children lives had been before being rescued by this special needs orphanage.  They had physical challenges, were abandoned, and truly dependent on the love and support of others.  I have been going to this orphanage for at least 9 years, and I still like to look at these pictures, because it makes me so happy that there are people who have opened their homes, wallets, and arms for these children.  Global Partners in Life is focused on orphans in China, and hopefully all of the orphans around the world will receive the assistance they need by all of us who can contribute in so many ways!