op_edAs I wrote about in Global Partners in Life’s (GPiL) book, Unseen Tears, there have been multiple children for whom GPiL has provided funding to meet the expenses for an operation to correct a hole in a child’s heart.  The character in the book was named Xiao Ting, and I actually used two children from the special needs orphanage GPiL supports to make her story.  These two little girls were similar in many op2_edways, including the surgery they desperately needed.  Both of them had blue lips, blue fingernails, and they couldn’t play as actively as they wanted.  Also, they both had extremely strong personalities, when they felt well.  

These pictures are of the older of the two girls before her operation.  I am thankful to say that she had a good recovery from her surgery, and she has been adopted by a family in the States.  

The next picture is of the younger of the two girls.  She is so funny, because she was so much smaller than the other children, but she always tried to boss them around.  The children have a long table they use when they are working on crafts, and this little girl would climb on the table, stand up on it, and start giving orders to the other children.  Her surgery was a success as well, but unfortunately, she was one of the children removed from the special needs orphanage GPiL supports, so I haven’t heard much news about her.  op1_ed

These young girls are only two of the many success stories about the work GPiL is doing in China. I am thankful to have found this special needs orphanage and hopefully our impact with the children will increase!