During one of my many trips to China, I visited one of the children from the special needs orphanage Hv1Global Partners in Life supports in the hospital. When we entered the hospital, I was thankful the lady that runs the orphanage was with me, because I had no idea of where to go. This hospital was large, and I was impressed with the width of the halls. Two gurneys and several people could all easily move in the hall at the same time. The gurneys I saw were older looking, and so was the hospital.

The child was in a room with three other patients. In China, the hospitals don’t provide meals, so each patient needs a family member or friend to bring them food. Also, if a patient is in the room and an x-ray is needed, they will need someone to transport them to the x-ray lab, because the hospital doesn’t do that either. One more interesting side note about the hospitals in China, you have to pay for the procedure before it is done. This is a pretty interesting business model!


When the medical team came in to check on the child, I noticed that there were a lot of people on the team. I have a strong feeling this was a teaching hospital. The main doctor could speak English and a friend from the States that is a medical professional was with me, so she and the doctor excused themselves and had a very in-depth conversation about our little friend.


We learned that the child needed a special type of stent to drain the fluid for his hydrocephalus. My friend in the medical profession was able to use her networking skills and get a stent donated! This was truly an educational trip to a Chinese hospital for me.