Morning markets are extraordinarily common in China.  If it is the afternoon and you wonder where a morning market could be, I have two suggestions to help you look around and find one.  The first thing to look for would be apartment buildings. If there are people living nearby, there will be a mm1need for a market.  Also, look for an open area that has enough room for vendors to set up and room for shoppers.  As you can see in the picture, this is a wonderful location for a morning market.

It is interesting for me to “window shop” at these markets, because sometimes I find something unexpected.  You will always find meats, produce, and trinkets available, but sometimes there are a couple new products on display.  The picture below shows quail eggs for sale.  I wonder how many quails it takes to gather this many eggs.


At this same morning market, I found something that not only looks like the quail eggs, but is also a twist on something that is common.  This corn is not only colorful, but also tasty.  I have eaten it before and it has a nice flavor. 


If you have an opportunity to go to a morning market, I would suggest you take advantage of it.  You never know what you might find!