The Chinese are very financially responsible as a rule, so I think that is what is at the foundation of my story for today. It is VERY common to view laundry hanging out to dry in China. For a country with all of the wealth that China has, you would expect to see many clothes dryers, but that isn’t the case.

Iimage002n the picture to the left, you can see where someone tied a cord between two trees by a street and used that as their clothes line. I wouldn’t recommend using this approach, because that bus going past it may spray exhaust all over the nice clean clothes!

On the college campus where I taught, it was very common to see the student’s clothes hanging outside their dorm windows to dry. As you can see from the photo, there is even a clothes hanging rack outside the dorm window.image004

In most apartments there is an enclosed balcony with clothes hanging lines in it. That is what I had at my apartment at the university, and in some of the other places I lived I had a folding clothes rack.

I salute the Chinese for not wanting to have large utility bills, and opting to air out their laundry!