If you read the book, Unseen Tears, published by Global Partners in Life, you may remember the leader of the special needs orphanage speaking about how she would like to have some work done on the bathroom for the children. Believe me, the work needed to be done. The most basic of needs for a bathroom were not operating correctly, so Global Partners in Life raised the support to remodel the bathroom.

One of the first things we noticed was the condition of the sinks. The original bathroom had three sinks, but only one worked. The main problem with two of the old sinks was their plumbing. Somehow the pipes had an upward angle, so they wouldn’t drain at all. This was a big problem since all of the children in the special needs orphanage use this bathroom. They had quite a line when everyone was told to wash their hands or to brush their teeth.

Once the project started, we literally had the bathroom stripped down to the bare walls, which gave the craftsmen access to the plumbing, electricity, and structure they needed. It was an amazing project to witness with the before and after results!

As you can see in this picture, the two unusable sinks were just used to hold things. Also, you can see the elevation in the plumbing, which caused the sinks not to drain correctly.image002

As I mentioned, the bathroom was completely gutted, and you can see that from the picture below. Also, you can see the newly installed plumbing for the sinks!image004

To complete the timeline, here is a picture of the new sinks. There are now three operational sinks, and one of them is large enough to bathe a baby. I am very thankful for the contributions which enabled Global Partners in Life to have such a positive impact on the daily lives of so many wonderful children!image006