Recently, I have had friends in China tell me about the snow they have had lately. Some live as far north as Shenyang, in the Liaoning Province and others as far south as Linyi, in the Shandong Province. Hopefully this will ease the minds of those of you that were worried about Beijing not having snow for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games!

China does practice cloud seeding, so they can try to generate some snow if they need more for the Olympics. Also, I am sure they can make snow if any is needed. I was told that Russia considered trucking in snow if they didn’t have enough falling naturally when they hosted the Winter Olympics, so China may try that as well.

This picture was from a few years ago in Beijing. Actually it was in March, so it was kind of a surprise to see this much snow so late in the year. Nonetheless, it is beautiful. That is, until people start driving on it and the snow turns black. I love how snow makes the area so quiet and peaceful. Maybe one day I will have a white Christmas, as the song says.


The pagoda above usually has lots of foot traffic around it, but not on this morning! To battle traffic, Beijing wants 8% of the commuters to travel by bikes, but that wouldn’t have been a good idea on this day. The shelter in the picture below is for bikes, but I don’t think many people ventured out on bikes this day. Traffic in Beijing is always interesting; especially when it snows!