My last blog was about snow, and the recent weather in China has given me material to continue with that topic. So far this fall, China has had multiple snows. I have a friend in Shenyang, which is in the north east section of the country. It gets plenty cold to have snow, but their climate is dry so usually they don’t have much snow. There just isn’t enough moisture in the air. Well, he recently sent me a picture of himself in a hot springs hot tub and it was snowing. In fact, he said it was so cold that his hair froze, but the water was 110 F, so his body stayed very warm.

Moving southward to Beijing, I received another set of pictures with lots of snow on the ground. I have also heard of horrible traffic there and many canceled flights. I can’t imagine the chaos in a city the size of Beijing to have a heavy snow storm!

Still further south in the Shandong Province, a friend sent pictures of their snow. They are receiving the most snow in 50 years. Some of the sheds built to protect bicycles and scooters are falling down due to the weight of the snow. My friend has a thriving garden, and they had to shake the snow from their plants to keep them from breaking under the weight of the snow.

I think there are two big winners from the snow. The children that get to play in it, and the farmers who will use the moisture from the snow for their crops. Here are a couple of pictures of the snow around China this year.