For someone with no handyman skills (that would be me), it is very impressive to see how someone with training and experience can bring a project together and make everything work. That was certainly the case as Global Partners in Life remodeled the bathroom for the special needs orphanage. Once the bathroom had everything removed, there was so much work to do and a plan needed to be in place.

With new sinks, washer, shower/tub, and toilet to be placed, many water lines had to be run for everything. Here is what the demo and the placement of the waterlines looked like. Yes, they needed drain lines as well.



The hot water heater for the apartment was in the cabinet in the kitchen. This cabinet should have been a food pantry. It contained a large, old, and inefficient hot water heater, so one of the updates we provided was to install a new, energy efficient, and large hot water heater in the bathroom.image006

This is one of the nicest and largest hot water heaters I had ever seen mounted on a bathroom wall in China. It was about three times the size of the one I had in my apartment. This unit was so much better than the old one in the kitchen that the pipes were changed around so this new hot water heater could send hot water to the kitchen! The exterior wall of this bathroom faces north, so it is wonderful to have lots of hot water in the winter. This new bathroom has truly made every day better for the children and workers at the special needs orphanage. Global Partners in Life was very thankful for the many contributions received so they could assist these loving children!