This will be the final blog about the bathroom remodel Global Partners in Life did for the special needs orphanage in China. In this blog, I will point out all of the hard work, and some of the dirty work, that occurs before the wonderful final product is finished.

The workers kept a workman busy mixing the solution used to hold the new tile in place. The container held a large amount, but when the tile started being applied it went fast, so the guy mixing had to keep up with the other workers.


One day when I was there, a dump truck delivered sand, bricks, and bags of concrete. Unfortunately for me, the bags of concrete couldn’t be left in the pile of sand, because the sand was wet. If the bags of concrete remained on the wet sand, the moisture would have gotten into the bags of concrete and then the workers wouldn’t be able to use the hardened concrete. So, I had to remove the bags from the pile of wet sand and bricks. Even more unfortunately for me, the bags are larger than the bags we have here for home improvement projects, so they were very heavy!


Since this remodel was supported by Global Partners in Life, I feel it was appropriate for me to have some sweat equity in the project. When I saw the completed project, it was well worth everything. Hopefully this new bathroom will serve all of the people at the special needs orphanage well for many years. The only way Global Partners in Life is able to assist the special needs orphanage is through the generous contributions of people like you! Thank you.

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