Can you imagine the wear and tear on a refrigerator at an orphanage? How many times a day would the doors be opened, and how much additional work would that create for the cooling system?

My friends at the special needs orphanage Global Partners in Life supports had a very old refrigerator. It was small, and I imagine not very energy efficient. Unfortunately, it stopped working during a holiday, so not only were they unable to save the food inside the refrigerator, but they also were unsuccessful in finding a repairman to come and work on it. After the holiday and after multiple attempts, a service man was found that had the old parts required for the repair.

BigChillOnce we heard about the problem, Global Partners in Life stepped in to help the orphanage. I went shopping with the manager of the orphanage for a new refrigerator. There were many refrigerators from which to choose, as you can see in the picture to the left.

Most people I know from China are very conservative when it comes to their consumption of energy. The manager of the orphanage wanted to make sure she selected an energy efficient model. I think she was proud of the energy rating, because she left the sticker on it even after it was installed at the orphanage.


Once the new refrigerator was installed, Global Partners in Life stocked it, and we continue to stock it on our visits. I think they are pleased with their new, larger, more energy efficient refrigerator!