At my age I understand there are many things I don’t understand; some because they just aren’t things of my generation. Having traveled a little, I also know that there are some cultural things I don’t understand, and that is to be expected. Having said that, there are other times when you come across something and your mind just can’t get the message.

This happened to me recently as I was traveling in China. Many of the nicer hotels and department stores decorate for Christmas, so I am accustomed to seeing traditional Christmas decorations in China like the ones pictured below.




You can imagine my confusion when I saw the items in the next picture. They were on display in my hotel beside the traditional Christmas decorations, but I am afraid I don’t get it!


If anyone has an explanation for these new Christmas decorations, please share it with me. Maybe I am completely missing something I need to know about, or worse, I may find myself committing a cultural mistake!