If you think raising the ceiling in a room wouldn’t make much of a difference, you are wrong! When the ceiling was raised during the kitchen remodel at the special needs orphanage Global Partners in Life supports in China, it made a huge difference in the feel and function of the room! Check out the before and after photos below.


Kitchen Ceiling Before


Kitchen Ceiling After

With the ceiling raised, it gave the entire room a much larger feeling and this created more space for additional cabinets. The lighter colored new ceiling also made the room appear brighter and larger.


Heating added through the ceiling.

We were able to do a couple of enhancements to the ceiling with this remodel. As you can tell in the picture below, we provided better lighting. Additionally, we were able to put a heater in the ceiling. The city where the special needs orphanage is located is in northern China, so it gets extremely cold in the winter.

I am very thankful that Global Partners in Life received the contributions needed to provide this greatly needed kitchen remodel for some very appreciative and special people!