One of the things we try to do at Global Partners in Life is provide for the children at the special needs orphanage we support. Yes, we do provide for their food, medical needs, and school expenses, but we also want to provide some smiles.

The truth is that these children had a horrible hand dealt to them at an early age. They were all abandoned by their parents, and they have some physical disorder. Thankfully, the lady that leads the special needs orphanage we support has taken them in, provided for them, and given them a home. It absolutely thrills me when I hear the children calling her mom!

Global Partners in Life isn’t there every day, but we can try to give the children something every day….like a smile. It doesn’t take much to provide a smile for one of these dear children. Perhaps a ball that can also be educational will work!


For some, a ball that looks like a watermelon can be entertaining. One of the all-time favorites of the children are balloons. Some try to keep them in the air and never let them touch the floor when we play with them, but they were very interested in a slight change in the balloon and making it a punching ball.



These items are very inexpensive in China, so when I say it doesn’t take much; that includes the financial side as well. The exchange rate is moving in our favor now, so one US dollar will get you about 6.5 Chinese dollars.

Thanks so much to all of you that support the work we are doing in China. Your generosity is having a far greater impact than you know! If you would like to join us, please visit our web site at