One of the many aspects for a successful retail store is to have displays which catch your eye for some reason or are attractive. During my last trip to China, I saw a very interesting display for shoes.


As you can see in the photo above, this display is VERY colorful and imaginative! This is truly a unique way to merchandise your product, but I am not sure I understand the why those animals were selected along with a soccer ball. If the shoes were lined with wool, I can understand the sheep. If the shoes had been cleats, I would understand the soccer ball. Maybe the ram with the horns are to designate a shoe horn, but the penguin, elephant, and kangaroo have me stumped.   I will give you an even closer look below.


Maybe the point of the display is for us to be drawn in by the display, purchase some of their products, so the display doesn’t need to have a logical element to it. Regardless of the intent, this merchandising technique was an attention grabber, so I give credit for that. I look forward to returning to this shop and seeing what creative marketing ideas they implement next!