This blog will hopefully give you a better idea of the work Global Partners in Life does, and who we try to help. Below you will find a picture of Xiao Wei, and I will tell you his sad story.


I know it is difficult to tell by his name, but Xiao Wei is a little boy. His story is a sad one, and Global Partners in Life is trying to help him. When he was born, he had a twin sister, but unfortunately there was a problem. Xiao Wei and his sister were premature, so they had to be put in an oxygen chamber. Apparently when a baby is placed in an oxygen chamber, some type of protection for their eyes is required. Unfortunately, Xiao Wei was not given the protection, but his sister was. The parents kept their daughter, but gave Xiao Wei up for adoption. His blindness has come from the damage due to the lack of eye protection in the oxygen chamber. One doctor has said there is some potential for his blindness to be corrected through surgery, but that will cost around $25,000. As you have probably guessed, Global Partners in Life is trying to help Xiao Wei by raising the funds for his surgery.

Xiao Wei doesn’t behave as if he is blind. He is very active and can walk around his home with no problems at all. If we can provide for his surgery, this will truly be a life changing event for him. Even if he only has a portion of his vision restored, I believe his development with explode with growth, and I would like to be a part of that!