One of the goals for Global Partners in Life is to build relationships, and on a recent trip, I had a unique opportunity. While riding a train to a small city about three and a half hours from the provincial capital city, I met a young man serving in China’s army. His name was Song, and he was young and proud to be in China’s army.

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Song is a 21 year old single guy, and he was a heavy smoker. In fact, that was how we met. The train car was very hot, so I would stand in the smoking area to cool off, but I would have to breathe in all of the cigarette smoke. After we started talking, Song offered me a cigarette, but I declined.

Song allowed me to photograph himself, and the emblems on his uniform. As we talked I learned he liked sports and good food. We were getting along very well, and he even bought me a bottle of water from the cart that passes through the train cars.


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To my surprise when I asked Song if he would like to come to America for a visit, he said no. His reason was that he loved China too much to ever leave it. So, I didn’t do much to help the tourism for America, but I think I made a new friend that day!