It warms my heart to see the children swarming at the door when we enter the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. I say we, because I usually have a group of volunteers with me. If the children happen to notice us carrying bags of toys for them, they will start trying to see what is inside the bags before we set them down.

It is so rewarding to see the children’s excitement as we give them new toys to play with. Yes, sometimes we have to make sure they share and some feelings get hurt, but they play long and hard with the new toys. In fact, sometimes the younger ones play until they start falling to sleep during their nap times!


Perhaps the most heartwarming thing I get to see with the orphans is when one of the children that was once one of the younger ones and needed so much help and care grows and becomes one of the older ones who can take care of the new younger children. It amazes me how the children accept everyone that comes in the door regardless of their health situation or nationality! I feel so much joy from helping the children at the special needs orphanage, and I would like for you to have the same joy as well.