Our friends in China as a rule don’t eat dessert like we do in the states. Maybe that is one of the reasons they are traditionally thinner than me! Yes, I like dessert very much!

Even though dessert isn’t very common in China, for a special event they go all out with their cake decorations. I have seen some wedding cakes that must have been six of seven feet tall! They can also be very artistic with their gingerbread houses!

During my trips I took these pictures in a local bakery, and they didn’t mind me taking the pictures at all. If you see something that looks delicious to you, I promise you would have wanted it even more if you could have smelled it!




Cakes and cookies are the most common desserts I see in China. I don’t see pies served in China, I don’t know why. The younger generations enjoy the bags of candy and sweets, but I don’t see many older generations with them. Ice cream, however, is popular to all ages! I usually see that eaten as a snack and not as a dessert.

Today I went to see my dentist, so maybe that is why the desserts are on my mind. Hopefully you enjoy hearing a little about our friends in China and their sweet tooth!