leThis is my little buddy Lei Zi and me hanging out after some serious balloon popping and snack eating! He is a very energetic little boy at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. Lei Zi is three years old, and he has had a rough start to his life. He has a cleft pallet, and he was abandoned by his parents.

I am very thankful to say that Global Partners in Life has already provided for his first of three surgeries for his cleft pallet; perhaps you can tell from the photo. It is my understanding that the first surgery closes the lip, the second operation closes the gum, and the final procedure closes the roof of the mouth.

Last week I spoke with the leader of the special needs orphanage, and she told me that the doctors say Lei Zi needs to have the second operation very soon. The surgery will cost $2,100, and anyone that would like to contribute is welcome to pitch in! Hopefully we can raise enough to provide for Lei Zi’s surgery, the procedure will be successful, and he will have an easy recovery.

Thanks for remembering my little buddy, Lei Zi!