One of the many things that have always impressed me about the people of China is their use of colors. They like bold colors, bright colors, and multiple colors. I can think of many examples, and I wanted to share just a few with you.

In the picture below, you will see a picture of the Qing Dynasty’s Palace. So, this tells me that the use of many bright and bold colors goes back centuries.



The picture above is from the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Not as much red and yellow on this ceiling, but beautiful just the same!

The Chinese have green thumbs, and they are very creative in combining their enjoyment of colors with their plants. The pictures below were taken at Tiananmen Square in central Beijing.



As you can see, sometimes the use of multiple colors are done on a grand scale! If you have an opportunity to visit China, I would encourage you to take advantage of it! Maybe I will see you there!