I have been to China 50 times, and each time I go, I always see something interesting around the streets. My last trip was no exception, so I have some interesting photos for you. As you look at the picture below, I think the desire to have an economic car overwhelmed the desire to have a safe car.


This car was tiny, even by Asian standards, and I would be very cautious about going for a ride on the busy streets of China in it. At least it is a bright red and stands out a little bit!
The next picture will be of a new vehicle, and you can decide for yourself it is a car or a motorcycle. It is a motorcycle with an enclosed passenger area. I am told that a long time ago the 3 wheeled vehicles were invented for people that had physical challenges. I must admit that I have never seen one this new and clean.


Vehicles in China have a little something for everyone. So, on those special occasions when you forget what color your car is, all you have to do is read it!


Hanging out around the streets of China is entertaining and surprising, because you never know what you might see!