During my last trip to China, I saw something that caught my eye and made me laugh. I was taking some friends shopping in a nice shopping area, when I happened to notice something colorful in the ceiling. When I took a more careful view, this is what I saw.


There was a pipe that was leaking in the ceiling, so someone took the easy way out, and used the plastic bucket to catch the water instead of resolving the problem. This shopping area is improving and wants to be considered an upscale shopping facility, so this tickled me. Upon further inspection, I noticed that there was a series of these bright buckets in the ceiling. Perhaps this was just a temporary fix and further work would be done later, perhaps after hours. Did I mention this shopping area wanted to be considered a nice one?


I did see one other thing at this shopping area that caught my eye. I had no way of knowing if there was actually any electricity going into these boxes, and I certainly didn’t want any kids to come and try to do a pull up on them!


I guess we can just call this work in progress. When needed, work can take place at an amazing speed in China. You would be very impressed by how quickly a store front like this can be completed! I can’t wait for my next shopping trip!