For the children at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, we do many different things. Sometimes we visit and take them outside to play, or we may bring a game or craft to them and entertain them with the new items. But at the heart of what we do for the children is meeting needs. These children have no possible means to provide for themselves, and they have had a less than desirable start to their young lives. Each child has some physical challenge, and they have been abandoned by their biological parents.

The special needs orphanage we support is an independent orphanage, so they don’t receive financial support from the government. So, we try to meet the medical needs of the children, pay for all of the expenses associated for the children that can go to school, pay for the workers that help and love on the children, and keep them fed. Additionally, we give the orphanage money for their utilities, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and diapers……..lots of diapers!


This picture is worth a thousand words to me, because it shows some of what Global Partners in Life does in China, and how we can all do something to help the children in need. One of our supporters was able to get blankets made for the children, and the one pictured above happens to be my favorite blanket. The picture also shows some of the toys we brought to the children and some clothing items. The most significant thing in the picture is the crutches with the cuffs which encircle the forearm. These crutches give more support than regular crutches, and they enable the children that use them to move around much better than traditional crutches. If you are an active child, being able to move around is a huge necessity in your life, and one most of us take for granted. These crutches are very hard to find in China, and I am thankful Global Partners in Life was able to pay for them and enable the children to have freedom of movement. Please visit our web site at and learn of other needs we are trying to meet for the children, and perhaps you will want to invest in the work we are doing in China!