What a huge impact technology has had on our society! Today I wanted to speak more specifically about cell phones. Did you know that China was actually using texting a couple of years before it was widely used in America? I must give China’s leadership credit for a decision they made many years ago. When cell phone technology became available, the leaders of China realized that their land line infrastructure was lacking, but why spend money and time updating their land lines when the new cellular technology was available?

It is interesting to see how many people walking down the streets in China or using public transportation are using their cell phones. Unfortunately, some of these people using public transportation have their cell phones stolen, so be smart if you are traveling and have your cell phone with you!

Cell phones are certainly a great tool to have for communications and browsing the Internet, if you have a smart phone. They can, however, lead to some distractions. In the picture below, you will see two traffic cops at a busy intersection, but they seem a little distracted by their cell phones.


In the picture below, you can see the parking lot security guards being given their instructions. In the following photo you can see what happens next!



I am sure these distractions happen all over the world by people with cell phones, and I just happened to get a couple of interesting pictures! I am sure these messages were work related!