Over the years I have made countless trips to visit my young friends at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. A couple of things are consistent with the children, they are always ready to play, and they enjoy learning a new game.

During my last visit I took some very good friends with me to spend some time with the children, and my friends brought a new game for the kids. It was a new way to play dominos, so the rules had to be translated and explained to the children, and then they loved playing dominos!


One of the surprising things about playing with the children on this day was Ping Ping. She is usually very quiet and reserved, but when playing dominos, she was very competitive. Also, she caught on to the game quickly, so she assisted some of the other children as to what could and couldn’t be played.


Once a game was concluded, the children loved turning all of the dominos face down and mixing them all up. It was as though there were several blenders mixing up all of the dominos. Maybe this was enjoyed so much, because everyone won doing this!


I wish more people would go with me to visit my little buddies and have the same joy I have when hearing them laugh as they play. It doesn’t take much to make the children happy, sometimes just a game of dominos. If you think you would like to get more involved with the work we are doing in China, please contact me at beau.sides@globalpartnersinlife.org