Not long ago the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life was much more populated than it is currently. When there were so many children living at the orphanage, they would be starved for some individual attention.

Honestly, I am not the most creative person for devising plans to entertain the children. But I have learned that one thing I can do to entertain the children is to let them view the photos in my camera. As you can see in the picture below, they love it when they can recognize a photo of themselves!


The little girl in the picture above is a very special one to me, because she is one of the children that Global Partners in Life provided the funding for her to have a lifesaving heart operation. There were multiple times over the course of the month she spent on a ventilator that the doctors thought she wouldn’t make it, but she struggled and survived! So, when we had a little time together without several other children jumping on us or pulling on us, that was special for me. Unfortunately, there are many other children that want a little time with someone to focus on them. It doesn’t take long to look through a book with a child or blow up a balloon for them, so hopefully each child feels they have had some individual time with one of the visitors when we get to go to the orphanage.

Sometimes if we can hold one of the children and walk around with them, they feel like they have had some individual attention. Oh, and a bald head is very interesting to the children in that culture!

It takes so little for us to help these children who have had such a rough start to their lives. With your support, Global Partners in Life can continue meeting their needs, even if it is just a little individual attention!