If you have been reading my blogs very long, you know that the people of China love their parks! They use them for socializing, exercising, practicing singing, dancing, and making music. Today I want to share with you another aspect of using the parks that our Chinese friends enjoy….their transportation within the parks!


This design for a bicycle built for two is one I have never seen before, but seems quite stable. It even comes with a steering wheel for a baby! The people I saw ridding these seemed to be enjoying themselves very much! To tell you the truth, I didn’t see anyone going very fast on these bikes, so maybe they were built for comfort and not for speed.

The next form of transportation within the park won’t take you very far, though I have seen some trying to go further than planned by the park. The picture below may bring back some wonderful memories for some of you, and it certainly does for me.


These carts aren’t designed for ramming the other carts, rather they are intended for touring around the open plaza in the park. Maybe that is a cultural difference between East and West! Perhaps this blog will prompt others to take advantage of the parks near them, and when they travel abroad!