Today I have some wonderful news to share with you about one of our youngest friends at the Home of Joy special needs orphanage! A couple of years ago I introduced you to a new baby from the Home of Joy named Lei Zi, and he had a cleft pallet.1

If you look closely at the photograph above, you can see that Lei Zi actually has two separated areas in his upper lip. He also doesn’t have a large enough opening in his nostrils. Thankfully you gave to Global Partners in Life, and we were able to provide for Lei Zi’s operation. The surgery successfully closed the gaps in his lip, and it enlarged the nasal opening. The doctors told us that at least two additional surgeries would be required to address all of his conditions.


2This photo was taken in March of this year, quite some time after the first operation. If you look closely, you can see two scars on Lei Zi’s upper lip. During this trip we learned that the doctor said Lei Zi needed to have his second operation, which would close the gap in his gum. Thanks to your investing in the work we are doing in China, we were able to meet the expenses for his second surgery, which was a success.

Lei Zi couldn’t eat solid food immediately following the medical procedure, but structurally, his lips and gums are in much better condition. Thanks to your contributions to Global Partners in Life, Lei Zi is having life changing surgeries! Thanks so much for your continued support!