Today I want to share with you the wide range of uses of the parks in China. With the population density that cities have in China, it is good to see how so many people use and enjoy the opportunities offered by even the smallest of parks.

My wife and I don’t have any children, so I was very interested by the device this young mother deployed to help her child learn to walk. I can only imagine how many steps it took this child to waddle across the park. It didn’t matter, because they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

walking in the parks

At the other end of the spectrum for uses of a park is practicing martial arts. This group of young men were being coached and they all had an opportunity to show the coach their skills. To say the least, it was interesting to see.

martial arts in the parks

A more peaceful experience in the park would be to fly a kite. There is a city in the Shandong Province named Wei Fang, and it is the kite-flying headquarters for China. I think the people in Wei Fang would be proud of the effort of the people flying these kites in this park. My camera was at full zoom, so you can’t appreciate how high these kites were; but trust me, they were very high!

flying kites in the parks

It is wonderful to see such a wide range of people using the parks. The leadership in the cities usually does a wonderful job of maintaining existing parks and building new parks where they have the space!