If you travel to China for your first time, you may be surprised by the number of familiar companies you see that are also in the States. You probably know that McDonald’s and KFC are huge in China, but I thought I would share with you about a few other companies you may recognize.

Even though the people of China are not know as being large consumers of cheese, the pizza restaurants are doing well. Pizza Hut and Domino’s are both well represented in the Middle Kingdom. As you can tell from the picture below, pizza delivery is important, and it is usually done from a bicycle and not a car.

Familiar Pizza Chains in China

With China’s successful economy over the last dozen years, the real estate market has experienced periods of amazing activity. Free-standing homes like we have in the States aren’t as common as tall condo or apartment buildings, and that just goes along with how the huge cities in China are laid out. They have a population density that we don’t see too much of in Georgia, so they choose to utilize buildings that are taller and can hold more people. If you even need assistance locating a home, I am sure these people are willing to help!

Familiar Real Estate Companies in China
Perhaps you will find it comforting to locate some familiar companies even when you are so far from home! Enjoy your travels!