After the group of foreign teachers, the former Director of the Foreign Language Department at the university where I taught in China, and I started financially supporting the orphans from the fire in a fireworks factory, I returned to the States. One of the first and most important things I did once I returned was starting Global Partners in Life. Believe me, there are a few hoops to jump through to receive your Letter of Determination from the IRS!

While teaching at the university, one of the things I enjoyed most were the English Corners, where the English speaking students would gather to practice their English. From those causal conversations, I made many wonderful friends. One of the English teachers who was helping support the orphans had a wonderful idea, and I am delighted to say that some of the students from the English Corner stepped up and assisted the orphans we supported in an interesting way.

Help Is On The Way

In the photograph above, you see some of the college students who agreed to become mentors for the orphans we were supporting. The students were assigned to an orphan, and they became something like a big brother or big sister to the child. They would communicate with them, check on their homework and grades, and even try to teach the orphans some English. They would also follow up with the student’s teachers to see if there were any areas where they could help tutor the orphan. What a wonderful idea!

It absolutely thrilled me and warmed my heart to learn that the students from the English Corner were willing to help the orphans Global Partners in Life was supporting! We can all contribute in many ways to help others less fortunate than ourselves. So, would you like to help Global Partners in Life?