This past spring I was walking through a new park in China, and I was stunned by all of the young couples I saw having wedding pictures made in the park! It was the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, so that made it more surprising.

wedding photos in the park

I liked this couple because they seemed to be enjoying their wedding photo day very much! It is also common for couples to have wedding photos made wearing ancient-style clothing, and the girls wear so much makeup for these pictures that you can hardly recognize them.

wedding locations

This couple’s photographer selected a fantastic location for them. The water and blooming plants make a nice setting. From their photographer’s position, he didn’t see the floating device with the flag on it!

wedding casual

This couple was pretty casual about their big photo day. The groom was wearing blue jeans under his coat and tie! I doubt he will get away with that on their wedding day!

wedding photos outdoors

One problem about doing wedding photographs outside, when the wind blows, the veil goes everywhere! Luckily for this couple, they had some assistance escaping the veil.

Another interesting thing I have noticed about couples in China is most of the younger couples exchange wedding rings, but most older couples don’t have wedding rings. I think this is mostly due to the better economic conditions in China now, than for couples a few generations older than the ones getting married today. Hopefully they will be as happy in their marriages as I have been in mine!