One group of ladies who have been with me multiple times to serve the children at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life had a great idea. What if, after we took the children outside to play on a hot summer’s day, we brought them back inside and gave them all an ice cream party?

These wonderful ladies had it planned out so well that they bought individual bowls and spoons for each child, so that was an extra special treat for the children. What could be better than ice cream on a hot day when you are a child!

ice cream on a hot day

This group of volunteers truly took their care for the children to a new level during this trip! Not only did they do the ice cream, but also a few days full of games and activities. It is rare for one of these children to have something that they can truly call their own, so for them to have a bowl and spoon to keep was icing on the cake, so to speak.

bowls of ice creams

I consider myself extremely fortunate to know kindhearted people like this group of ladies, who were willing to travel to China and provide an eventful day for children that haven’t had many special days in their lives.

These children all have a medical concern, were abandoned by their biological parents, and have no way to provide for themselves. Therefore I consider it an honor for Global Partners in Life and our supporters to be able to meet the needs of the children’s health and education, as well as put a smile on their faces!

Thanks so much for your support!