If you have read my books, Lessons From China and Unseen Tears, you know about the fire in a fireworks factory that claimed the lives of many adults and made many children orphans. This occurred in a rural area about an hour away from the university where I taught in China. Two years after the horrific event, I returned to the rural town along with some people who had helped raise support for the children, and we were astonished by the welcome we received.

I think it was literally 105 degrees that day, and the school’s band members were in full uniform lining the street playing for us as we approached. Other students had flowers welcoming us, and many people with cameras along with a TV station camera crew were there.


Before some speeches were made in the blistering sun, we met with some dignitaries from the area. They were all very kind to us and thanked us so much for providing the funding for the children’s school fees and school supplies. The public display of appreciation was well beyond what I had ever imagined or expected!

This was a special day for the orphans we were supporting. We brought each of them a bag full of gifts, and they didn’t have to wear their school uniforms that day! Also, they were all seated in the front row.


Now you know how Global Partners in Life has used the support we received from the earliest of our days. Would you like to invest in the future of orphans in China?