Today I wanted to share with you a huge success story that was made possible by the people that invest in the work Global Partners in Life is doing in China. My friend that I will tell you about is named Xiang Zi.

Your Impact: Meet Xiang Zi

As you can tell from the photograph above, Xiang Zi is a playful guy, and he has a smile that is as big as his zeal for life. I don’t have permission to show his face, but I am sure there was a big smile behind the bag over his head. Xiang Zi is full of life and energy, and he was very helpful with the other children. He was also very intelligent, which was made clear to us by how he could take any new game, puzzle, or model ship requiring assembly and know what to do with  all of them.

Unfortunately, Xiang Zi has spinal bifada with a tethered spinal syndrome. I am not a doctor, but I am told that means he not only had the sack of fluid on his spine, but his spine was also damaged and signals couldn’t travel up and down his spine correctly. He was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down, and it was very impressive to watch how he could move and keep a very positive attitude.

Through contributions made to Global Partners in Life, we were about to pay for a medical procedure which assured us that he would no longer have to worry about the fluid building up on his spine. He was still unable to walk, but we knew his condition wouldn’t get any worse.

The great ending to this story is that once his biological parents knew that the procedure had been successfully completed, they came to the special needs orphanage and reclaimed him, so Xiang Zi is now living with his family! This reunion would not have taken place if people like you had not contributed to the work Global Partners in Life is doing in China!

There are many more children like Xiang Zi; would you like to help us meet their needs?