The needs at the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life is long, and sometimes we may not realize all of them, but we provide for the children as we can. A universal and consistent need is food for the growing children, and this is one of the ways we have tried to help.

When Global Partners in Life found out their old refrigerator had broken during a holiday, making it difficult to get it serviced, which caused them to lose everything in it, we purchased a new one for them. It was large, easy to clean, and energy efficient, so the leader of the special needs orphanage liked it very much.

So Many Ways - A New Refrigerator

One of the things we enjoy doing when we return is stocking their pantry and refrigerator. Many items are helpful for restocking their pantry, and some of the items we commonly purchase for the children are rice, formula, and individually wrapped snack items.

The leader told us once that the children really loved the beef we provided for them, so we always try to remember to buy some beef. The price of beef is very high in China, so it is a treat for the children to have some!

So Many Ways - A Stocked Refrigerator

As you can see in the photograph above, the refrigerator is almost full when we leave! We also purchase diapers and cleaning supplies consistently, but those aren’t kept with the food items in the pantry or refrigerator!

Please consider investing in the work being done by Global Partners in Life in China to provide for these truly needy children.