What if you could never attend school because of your health? One of the little girls we support at the special needs orphanage in China has spinal bifida with tethered spine syndrome. One of the problems she has is that she has no feeling from her waist down to her toes. Having said that, she has to wear a diaper, because she has issues with being incontinent.

One of the rules for the public schools in China is that a child that wears a diaper can’t go to school. So unfortunately our friend isn’t allowed to attend. What she does do for her education is use the books and homework of the other children at the special needs orphanage. Even though she doesn’t have access to a teacher, she still does pretty well with the school work.

As you can see in the picture below, she does have some school books to use. Unlike some of the other children that can go to school, she doesn’t complain about doing homework!

No School - But She Still Does Homework!

These pictures were taken during a recent trip to China during September of 2016. The young lady above has a smile with dimples that light up a room.

Here is another picture of her from the same trip.  Enjoy her smiling face!

No School - But She Still Smiles!

She uses crutches with a cuff that goes around the forearm for additional support. Unfortunately, she has broken one of them, so we are trying to purchase her another one.

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