What do the best of friends do together when they are little boys? Yes, they play together! What a great opportunity to build a lifelong bond!

During a recent trip to the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life in China, I had an opportunity to witness two of the younger boys playing with toys together, which led to a wrestling match. One of these boys is blind, but I don’t think he acts like he has any disability at all.

Boys Will Be Boys

In the pictures, you can see one boy having the advantage in their wrestling, and then the other boy having the upper hand. I can’t imagine how often they play together like this, since they aren’t old enough to go to school.

Boys Will Be Boys - Wrestling Match

During this visit, we purchased diapers and rice for the children, since those are some constant needs. Additionally, we bought for them some beef, individually wrapped snacks, school and office supplies, toys, wipes, and many other items to help meet their daily needs. We are very grateful for those that support us, so that we may continue to support these special children!

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