WDuring a recent trip to visit our friends at the Home of Joy special needs orphanage, one of the little girls there received some welcomed individual attention. You see, there aren’t enough workers in my opinion at the special needs orphanage, so some of the children don’t receive as much individual attention or touch as they would like.

The little girl pictured below has cerebral palsy, so she is non-verbal and can’t communicate what she wants or needs. She is also quite large for her age, and can be a handful when she is moving around. Right away she seemed to bond with a volunteer I took with me on a recent trip. I don’t recall anyone giving our little friend as much touch and attention as she received that day, and she certainly seemed to enjoy it!

What Touch Can Do for a Special Needs Orphan

All my friend on this trip did was have a heart for children with special needs, and act on that. Once we arrived to the special needs orphanage, my friend picked up the little girl and began playing with and holding her new friend. I have to wonder how many days in the little girl’s life will be as good as the day Global Partners in Life went to see her and had some quality time for a young special needs orphan!

I am thankful GPiL was there to give this little girl a wonderful day… and I plan to continue giving good days to the special needs orphans with your support! Visit Global Partners in Life to discover how you can help us reach more special needs orphans like this little girl.